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BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Espace Tatry Bordeaux, France April 24, 2010 (Flac)


THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Espace Tatry Bordeaux, France April 24, 2010 (Flac)

Hello everyone! I got some explaining to do, I know. Ive been quite sick for about the past year. Complications of diverticulitis. Had to have some of my intestines removed as well as a piece of my colon. So I've spent the past year being sick, getting well and being strung out on Vicodan & Percocette. Soooo It's kinda been a challenge to do anything. My blog took a back seat. All that crap being over and myself feeling much better, I'm hoping to get back to some serious posting. I've gotten quite a few requests for re-posts, if ya'll can remind me what they were I'll try and get them up for you. So drop me an e-mail. Here is my first peace offering. The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Bordeaux, France 2010. Tell yr friends & lovers I'm back. Thanks to everyone for having patience. Enjoy.
Disc 1

01. Supersonic
02. Vacuum Boots
03. Wasted
04. Got My Eye On You
05. Servo
06. Anenome
07. Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower
08. When Jokers Attack
09. Nevertheless
10. Cabin Fever
11. Prozac Vs Heroin

Disc 2

01. Wisdom
02. Sue
03. Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth
04. Going To Hell
05. That Girl Suicide
06. Who?
07. Oh, Lord
08. Whoever You Are
09. Hide & Seek
10. Satellite
11. Crowd

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