Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lord Expelled From School

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The Lord Expelled From School

The Lord Expelled From School
I'm Rejoicing
Joshua In Battle
The Lord Expelled From School

By Rev. Cager McQueen

McQueen Records

Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio


Today I found this terrific vintage gospel album by a preacher that lived in DeMossville, Kentucky.

DeMossville is found about 6 or so miles down the road from me. There are only a handful of buildings that make up the village. You can't get much more local than that, although I've actually found vintage albums made by artists who lived closer to me.

The album was recorded in The Mt. Airy (Cincinnati, Ohio) Pentecostal Church. McQueen's daughter, Rose helped out on The Lord Expelled From School. A group who called themselves. The Knight Brothers did backed up McQueen.

I've collected a ton of this type of private press gospel record. The is a very fine example that includes  country, blue grass, country swing and rock-a-billy!

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