Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carol & Claudia - The Living Dolls

Carol & Claudia - The Living Dolls

Hoop De Doo

Carol & Claudia

The Living Dolls

Spinner Records

Lumbus Publishing And Music Company, Columbus, Ohio

From the back cover: The visual impact of their beauty is heightened by the custom haute gowns created by leading Chicago and New York designers. What is most unusual however, is that the girls are not only beautiful – but smart! Beauty, brains, talent, versatility, and showmanship! But beyond that, Carol and Claudia convey that indefinable something to their audiences which creates the unmistakable stamp of a "class" act.

This album was cut sometime after the act made it's debut at Harrah's in Reno, April 1965. They apparently toured about the country a bit and landed in The Grandview Inn which is located in Columbus, Ohio. This accounts for the Columbus address for the publishing company. The record was probably recorded and pressed during their stay in the area.

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By Mark Betcher


Phil said...

Just thought I'd let you know that Carol and her husband just spent a long weekend with us. Her husband is my wife's cousin.

It was cool to run across this recording during a conversation about her old act, I searched, found this on your blog, and she said "what's this?" I said, "It's you!" By that time she'd recognized it. She was so surprised.

We had a good time listening to it. You wouldn't happen to have digitized the whole album, would you?

T. Tex Edwards said...


I re-blogged this from Mark Betcher who says:

"Sure, I'll see that they get a copy of the LP.

I did, recently move all of the "lounge" blogs to a new blog

If you like to pass along this link... maybe they can simply leave a comment with an email address.

Thank you for your interest in these gems I run across.