Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elvis, Sunshine Ruby, & the Sportatorium + wrestling promo + Homer Henderson

The Dallas Sportatorium has a rich history other than wrestling. The best country and early rock'n'roll acts all performed here. The Big D Jamboree held its own with the Lousiana Hayride and other such venues. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Sunshine Ruby and other legendary acts all performed. This is a brief history of a place and time that sadly no longer exists.


Promo for Dallas Sportatorium Wrestling Card 8/4/89

Marc Lowrance hypes the fateful show where World Class Championship Wrestling officially became the Dallas branch of Jerry Jarrett's USWA.


Homer Henderson at the Sportatorium, Dallas, TX


On Valentines Day 1997 we went to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas to see some wrestling with musical accompaniment by Homer Henderson. Homer started off with the Star Spangled Banner, then provided musical fanfare for the wrestlers' procession to the ring. These were the declining days for the Sportatorium and were also the declining days for my video camera. Didn't get nearly enough footage as was warranted by this momentous occasion, but I guess it's better than nothing.

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