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keep it nice jangly (Syd Enhancements)

74 sessions or keep it nice jangly
Posted by: "AC et JG Royer" @ The Madcap Laughs Yahoo Group

Here's the link, apparently still active :
http://rapidshare. com/files/ 141359024/ keep_it_nice_ jangly.rar. html
This was (1993) an attempt to do what Gilmour did in 1970 when producing Syd's second lp, i.e. take what Syd had to offer and make it a bit thicker: I simply took some of the 1969 or 1970 demos and overdubbed them.
-"Love you" becomes a dirty glam rock number (Syd apparently loved Slade).
-"Dominoes" a jazzy one (he is rumoured to have played nice jazz licks with Jack Bruce at an impromptu 1972 gig).
-"Rats" gets a heavy metal treatment (some of the 1974 ramblings veer towards just that).
-"Word" song is adorned with psychedelic tapestries.
-"It is obvious" is intended to sound like a rehearsal with Stars (I mean, what I imagine it would have sounded like).
-And last but not least, "No good trying" is what a loose-jamming Pink Floyd could have come up with if they'd still been with Syd in 1969.
All of this is done in a very unprofessional way (how else could it have been?), but as faithfully as can be. In other words, it's very personal, and was not originally intended to be shared (no world wide web back then). You might therefore be taken aback by the looseness of it all, its lofi aspect, and most of all, the fact that I used those demos as palimpsest. A bit like using the Dead Sea scrolls for fish and chips if you like...
What I'd really be interested in, is if some of us could have a go at the same thing, if we could offer a collection of remodelings of Syd's own recordings : that'd be a groove, wouldn't it?
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