Friday, June 12, 2009

Myebook - Bombsite Fanzine Seven 2009

Myebook - Bombsite Fanzine Seven 2009

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Bombsite Fanzine Seven 2009
LAUNCH JUNE 14TH Nicky Forbes from the Revillos tells his Eric's story, 77 Punks "London" interview. Our Mudkiss spotlight includes a book review by Den Browne - thanks guys [buy their book it is a collectors] Shag Nasty supplies the soundtrack with a brand new "High Speed Punks" track produced with 77 spirit and energy. Watch out for their new EP out soon. Mark Jordan's Eric's web site includes a Paul Hornby write up. Miya Pogo imodels the artwork on front cover and comments on one of her fave bands. Have not heard from Jay but I am sure he is in the studio carving a masterpiece. Liverpool punks The Mutants from Bombsite 77. The Nightmare Junkies release new CD and start mid west tour.

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