Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MIKELK: I out drank Charles Bukowski



I out drank Charles Bukowski

I want to have sex with her
but she’s not here, today,
and, besides, she’s married.
That wouldn’t have stopped Charles Bukowski, would it?
Obviously, I am not Charles Bukowski,
even though that one fellow in that one copy shop
on that one day that I was making
one copy of one little book
that I had assembled for one female friend
said that I wrote like Charles Bukowski.
And I said, "who is that?" and, of course,
once I found out, I headed off to the B section
of poetry in the bookstores
and found out that this fellow had slept with more hookers
and lived in more rooming houses than I had
though I am not sure that he drank more than I did
though I think that he drank until he dropped,
and I have stopped drinking, so I out drank Charles Bukowski.

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