Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girl On A Swing : performed by Kevin and Galen Ayers

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Kevin and Galen Ayers

Girl On A Swing : performed by Kevin and Galen Ayers

1960’s pop & psychedelic legend Kevin Ayers has re-recorded “Girl On A Swing”, with daughter Galen Ayers for the fantastic Centrepoint compilation “Key to Change”!

Kevin Ayers, founder of “Soft Machine” and prolific solo artist through the late 1960’s & 70’s, has partnered up with daughter Galen Ayers (other half of experimental pop duet Siskin), to create a lovingly crafted version of his seminal track “Girl On A Swing” for Centrepoint’s compilation “Key to Change”.

"Girl On A Swing" originally appeared in November 1969 on his debut solo album, “Joy Of A Toy”. Although never released commercially as a single, “Girl On A Swing” is considered a classic Ayers track and has been covered by artists including Candie Payne and The Ladybug Transistor.

The re-recording for Centrepoint offers a shared vocal arrangement, with Galen taking the main verse vocals, and Kevin duetting on the chorus. The recording is a simple, modern arrangement of the song but still reveals Ayers’ trademark style of other worldly instrumentation. 

“This re-working of the classic song Girl on a Swing is stripped bare and very simple. A reflection of Centrepoint's main aim: to provide the basic rights of accommodation and support to homeless young people. Both my Dad and I feel very grateful in contributing to this compilation, and hope that it creates more awareness for everyone about what's happening on their doorstep. We are proud to stand beside those who dedicate their time to such a wonderful cause, and hope that the money raised will have the maximum impact for those who need it the most.”

Galen Ayers

Download the track here. 100% of profits go direct to Centrepoint’s work supporting homeless young people.


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