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William Ekgren (mysterious “beatnik” artist)

One of my favorite blogs, thesweetestpsychopath, recently featured these covers, photos & painting by William Ekgren. I tried to find out more about him but couldn't find out much. There's not even a Wiki...

This photo is believed to be William Ekgren. Taken the day the original owner acquired his Girl Playing Piano painting, directly from the artist in the early 1950s.

This photo is believed to be William Ekgren. Taken the day the original owner acquired his Girl Playing Piano painting, directly from the artist in the early 1950s.

William Ekgren - Girl Playing Piano, original illustration. Oil on canvasboard 30 x 22in. Little is known of the enigmatic artist who painted this unique visage, William Ekgren.

Weird Horrors #6 (St. John, February 1953) cover by William Ekgren

Weird Horrors #7 (St. John, April 1953) cover by William Ekgren

Strange Terrors #4 (St. John, November 1952) cover by William Ekgren (mysterious “beatnik” artist) who’s sole known, published output consists of three comic book covers for 1950s publisher, St. John Publications (Strange Terrors #4 Novemeber 1954, Weird Horrors #6 February 1953, and Weird Horrors #7 April 1953)

Heritage Auction Galleries

From May 2008, I found this:

Scott Shaw! wrote:
"Our friend Ken Quattro has written a lengthy history of St. John's line of funnybooks for the latest issue of Roy Thomas' ALTER EGO magazine (No. 77, May, 2008). Great job, Ken!

Better yet, he's written a sidebar about the oddest Oddball Comics cover artist EVER, William Ekgren! Don't miss it!"

"Thanks for the plug, Scott!
That article represents about 10 years of research (including the Ekgren piece).
By the way, I've recently discovered the William Ekgren is still alive! In fact, we have been writing letters back and forth (he's 90 years old and lives in Sweden) and I hope to turn our communications into another article. I'll keep you posted."
--Ken Quattro

Alter Ego 77 - $6.95 Sale: $3.48

May 2008 - 100 pages
ALTER EGO 77 tells the Comic Book Gospel According to St. John, featuring a fabulous Golden Age Tor cover by JOE KUBERT (who else?)! Inside, KEN QUATTRO relates the full legend of St. John Publishing and the man behind it, ARCHER ST. JOHN—with art by KUBERT, NORMAN MAURER, MATT BAKER, LILY RENEE, BOB LUBBERS, RUBEN MOREIRA, RALPH MAYO, AL FAGO, ENRICO BAGNOLI—and the very special reminiscences of ARNOLD DRAKE! Plus, JIM AMASH interviews Golden Age artist TOM SAWYER. There’s also other features on the Golden and Silver Ages of Comics, including P.C. Hamerlinck’s FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section with Marc Swayze, C.C. Beck, and others, Michael T. Gilbert and Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, and more! Edited by Roy Thomas.

We're also selling the complete PDF for $2.95.

Also found a book of poetry listed by a William Ekgren:

Out of six attitudes
A collection of poems
by William Ekgren
Published in 1984, Vantage Press

Language: English
Format: Unknown Binding
ISBN 10: 0533056535
ISBN 13: 9780533056538
Subject: Poetry

Then there is this by Brendan Danielsson:

Brendan Danielsson: Portrait of William Ekgren

28 x 36 cm (11" x 14"), oil on board

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LPCover Lover » Jersey boys

"...A fan remembers: “My friends & I used to go to a place called Luciano’s on the East-bound side of Rte-46 in Lodi, NJ (commonly known back then as “sin strip.”). This was back in 1962-1964. The Knockouts were the featured group playing in what was a “Mafia” nightclub. It had its’ share of small & big-time mobsters..."

“Go Ape with The Knockouts” on Tribute Records. A Jersey group lead by singer Bob D’Adrea, who went on to form a comedy duo called Andre and Cirell which still performs around the Jersey Shore. A fan remembers: “My friends and I used to go to a place called Luciano’s on the East-bound side of Rte-46 in Lodi, NJ (commonly known back then as “sin strip.”). This was back in 1962-1964. The Knockouts were the featured group playing in what was a “Mafia” nightclub. It had its’ share of small and big-time mobsters with names like, Chokes, Jerry Chokes to be polite or I suppose, Mr. Chokes. Butcher, the Claw, Notch, John the Walk, Sali Burns and many others that I have long since forgotten. Their names were a representation of the specific service they performed. Many of these colorful characters had been deported from Manhattan to New Jersey for reasons of their health. Luciano’s (mysteriously) burned down in the 1970’s. “

“Clubs in those days were different from today’s. You couldn’t get in without a suit and tie. We use to sit at the bar and engage in our two favorite sports. Drinking 7&7’s or CC & water and trying to score with the babes. You had to be very careful on the last item. If you got too friendly with a “wise-guy’s” main squeeze it could prove painful.

Of course, the Knockout’s biggest hit was “Darling Lorraine”. However a favorite they performed at every gig was an Elvis Presley tune called: “I don’t have a wooden heart”.

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Out of the Friday Pan Into The Fire with New, Good, Borrowed Images


Paphiopedilum philippinense
Lucien Linden & Emile Rodigas «Lindenia Iconographie des Orchidées»1898 (via Janitor of Lunacy)


Artaud in Full Bloom (1 of a collection at link)
"Where others present their works, I claim to do no more than show my mind." -- Artaud, The Umbilicus of Limbo (1925)
I covered Artaud only once before, in my 16th-ever post back in August 2007, which downplays how important his writings are to me. Read him at any time, but the younger and angrier the better.
From a letter to Paule Thevenin dated Feb. 24, 1948. Artaud died on March 4, 1948:
"I had a vision this afternoon -- I saw those who are going to follow me and who are still not completely embodied because pigs like those at the restaurant last night eat too much. There are some who eat too much and others like me who can no longer eat without spitting."


Ray Bradbury & Forrest J. Ackerman on Halloween (via DK Rising)


Angas, George French, 1822-1886. George French Angas [delt]; J. W. Giles [lith].
Rangihaeata's celebrated house on the island of Mana called "Kaitangata". Shows a carved meeting house, called a wharepuni or wharenui , Māori, New Zealand, 19th century. (via Janitor of Lunacy)


Le Bon Martien


Charlie Roberts is a consummate collector of images, with an organizational system resembling the interior of a Whitman's Sampler. He perceives the world of people and things as a philatelist does, sifting through an unwieldy compendium of faces, hairdos, boots, magazines, art, animals, vehicles, potables, and foodstuffs, and then using gouache to depict portions of this array with varying degrees of fidelity. (source: flavorpill - Shana Nys Dambrot)


Willy Deville - 1953-2009
In Les Inrockuptibles. Janvier-Fevrier 1992.Interview by Serge Kaganski, photo by Renaud Monfourny.Ok I'm late but it's never too late right ?


Photo of the Day: Hand-Pull Noodles[Photograph: Rodney Chow ]
Noodles are a beautiful thing—watching them being made, even more so. This photo from Rodzillaaaaa on Flickr captures the art of whipping hand-pull noodles in mid-flight.


fun for your eyes.
A mask made out of masks. I could stare at this all day. Lots of cool little details.


The Move


Porous Walker sez:"Deep in the Jungles of Arkansas, USA is a Nut Farm, Brenda's Nut Farm to be exact. Inside the gates of this Nut Farm lives & works my favorite artist in the world. Occassionally Donald Roller Wilson will share his newest works in the form of electronic mail, today was one of these days of joy, soon, I will travel to the Nut Farm to meet Donald Roller Wilson, until than, please familiarize yourself..."


Even the Queen of the Galaxy’s gotta eat…


The many faces of Mr Cash.
"Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight."- Johnny Cash (via earnestlyhemingway)


Franz von Stuck - Tilla Durieux as Circe (1913)
He's lost out to Klimt in the reputation stakes, probably more because of Klimt's decorative qualities than through any fault of his own, but I prefer Von Stuck myself, as he seems to be hauling his images toward him from his dreams, rather than brushing them on to the canvas.
Google him to see what I mean.
Tilla Durieux was also painted by Renoir the next year, but he gave her hands like a pork-butcher which I am sure she must have hated.


The Future is Now #3
Platinum blonde alien with flying saucer phallus.

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NYC Record Stores

A question came up about record stores in NYC and here is some good information from Anthony at the KBD Yahoo group:

"ACADEMY RECORDS - Williamsburg Brooklyn, 96 N. 6th St. (718) 318-8200 -
also locations in East Village at 77 E. 10th St. & Chelsea at 12 W. 18th, but the bklyn store has more punk. Very good store.

PASSOUT RECORDS - 131 Grand Street, between Bedford & Berry, not a big store but cool. They also have live punk bands performing for free. My band played there once. Fun.
http://www.myspace. com/passoutrecor dshop

GENERATION RECORDS - 210 Thompson Street, (212)-254-1100 - Lots of vinyl of all kinds, but I often wish they would stock more real punk rock stuff and less of today's hardcore that I'm not so interested in. They have a display case and a wall in the basement for rare punk 7 inches though.

BLEECKER BOB'S - 118 West 3rd Street. (212) 475-9677. One of the first shops to ever carry punk rock, worth a visit for the historical value alone. Ever see the Sex Pistols movie, "D.O.A." where they interview a punk rock record store owner? That's Bob. Often crtiticized for being overpriced, but once in a while you can catch an item you know should be worth more going for less than you expected.

Not to be confused with BLEECKER STREET RECORDS - 239 Bleecker Street, an affiliate of Generation Records, above, some punk, but much less than there really should be.

ROCKIT SCIENTIST - 33 St. Mark's Place - (212) 242-0066. Better for Mod, Psych, and Beat records than they are for punk, but what punk they do carry is usually 70s/80s and/or KBD oriented, and they carry a fairly nice selection and some nice items.

OTHER MUSIC - 15 East 4th St. - (212) 477-8150 - Very small punk selection, but if you are also into oddball, experimental, progressive, indie, and that sorta thing, you might want to check it out.

ST. MARK'S SOUNDS - 20 St. Mark's Place - This used to be one of the most important punk rock record stores in the city, and now it's virtually worthless, but I always love to go inside for a minute or two to gaze at the impossibly rare and beautiful Plasmatics poster they have hanging up by the door that's been there since 1979. No other reason to go in there though, if you ask me.

EAR WAX RECORDS - 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn - I 've been told this store is very good but I was only ever in it once. Didn't get anything at the time. I probably need to go again before I can give an honest assessment.

STRIDER RECORDS - 22 Jones St. between 4th and Bleecker. (No punk, but ok for oldies. Do not enter the HOUSE OF OLDIES unless you crave being treated like a worthless peice of fucking shit.)

I've heard there are new stores that have opened up, but don't remember the names and haven't been to them yet.Many of the good stores I used to go to have gone out of business in recent years. I am glad these remain. Sometime you might want to plan a trip that can coincide with the WFMU Record Fair. It's a great fair for getting good records. Also, there is a New York Punk Rock and Underground Record Fair that should be happening about once a year. Justin's sure to be seen at that one! http://www.myspace. com/nyundergroun drecordfair Not sure when the next one is though, but the last one was in May.

Hope this helps you out in some way."

Then Justin added this update:

"Tony's list is pretty solid. A couple notes:

Academy's East Village location moved to 415 E. 12th St. (between 1st Ave
and Ave A).

Stider has lost their lease and will be kicked out soon, if they haven't
left the space already. Call ahead if you plan to visit: 212-675-3040.

And some additions:

Kim's Video and Music (East Village: 124 1st Ave., between 7th St. and St.
Marks Pl.) - The last of the Kim's empire. Ok for new stuff, but Academy
in Brooklyn has a lot more. Used section is pretty small.

Gimme Gimme (East Village: 325 E. 5th St., between 1st and 2nd Ave.,
212-475-2955) - Open Fri, Sat and Sun only. Used only. Many genres
including punk. Also see Tropicalia in Furs across the street at 304 E.
5th St, which is best known for Brazilian records, but has some punk.

CollectorScum. com"

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The Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire (1961)

From the sweetestpsychopath:

The Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire (1961)

The Moontrekkers’ “Night of the Vampire” was originally banned by the BBC because of its creepy sound effects that included a coffin opening and a bloodcurdling scream. Joe Meek, a legendary figure in the music world (his most famous work was The Tornados’ hit “Telstar” -1962) and a dabbler in the occult, produced “Night of the Vampire” six years before he shot both his landlady and himself dead on February 3, 1967, exactly eight years to the day after the death of Buddy Holly. Joe Meeks is said to have been obsessed with seances and Buddy Holly, and he was said to have left tape recorders in cemeteries to capture the sounds of the dead. Even if you don’t think “Night of the Vampire” is all that scary compared to modern vampire music, you have to admit the song’s history certainly increases its eeriness.
mp3 via The Devil’s Music

To listen & download, link to original blogposting here:

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Uncollected Buk: THROB Issue 1 & Issue 2 - 1971 (a.k.a. F. A. Nettelbeck, angry old man)

"...So here's four poems (THROB #1) & an interview (THROB #2) from F.A. Nettelbeck's shortlived mimeo magazine from 1971. The magazines contain, other than Bukowski & Nettelbeck, Gerald Locklin, Douglas Blazek, & others..."

LickTheStar contributed this to the Bukowski-American Author group at:
And by all means, click on this link & read the comments & insults tossed back & forth by Nettelbeck & members of the Buk group...

THROB Issue 1 and Issue 2 - 1971 (a.k.a. F. A. Nettelbeck, angry old man)
So here's four poems (THROB #1) and an interview (THROB #2) from F.A. Nettelbeck's shortlived mimeo magazine from 1971. The magazines contain, other than Bukowski and Nettelbeck, Gerald Locklin, Douglas Blazek, and others. Nettelbeck's website: Nettelbeck's blog:

According to the database these are all uncollected, but if I'm mistaken, please remove anything that falls under the Ecco copyright. I got these direct from Nettelbeck himself almost two years ago and they're in great shape... he may still have more if anyone's interested...

Also to note: two different poems, same title? Mistake on Nettelbeck's part, or just Buk repeating himself. And also: poor Rod McKuen! I don't know who he is, but... ouch. (Nettelbeck comments" "Bukowski submitted both different poems under the same titles, SUMMER. It wasn't me.")

Anyway, here's the scans. Enjoy!

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'Lucifer Sam's long lost twin: 'In Thee Midnight' by the Thee Midnighters

julianindica from the Laughing Madcaps Yahoo group at: offers this for all us know-it-all's...

'Lucifer Sam's long lost twin: 'In Thee Midnight' by the Thee Midnighters

I don't even know if this qualifies as garage rock, its surfing the astral cusp- SCREAMING echoing guitar licks, SIIIIICK organ, MANIACAL drums. If you don't download this you are DEAD.

BTW Goddam, you're all stupid, everyone knows Brazillians invented psychedelia.

Os Mutantes were already munching ayahuasca and recording psych-out overloads by 1963. They were sci-fi space rock in 1964. They were in space before Syd or Quicksilver or Jimi, they were rattling non-musical instruments before Tommy used a jug for anything other wine spo-de-o-dee. They were teenagers and they were giving Sun Ra's Space Arkestra a run for their money in sheer inventiveness.

They were using backwards loops and oscillators by 1965. They were doing 20-minute brain damage odysseys when Roky was in the Spades and the Pink Floyd were playing blues covers in a wine bar.

Os Mutantes had stinging fuzz freak out guitar riffs shrieking with distortion while Jeff Beck was still playing 'Nursery Rhyme' in the Tridents.

And if Os Mutantes didn't invent psych, then Screamin' Lord Sutch invented heavy metal.

That fucker had Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore doing feedback,fuzz and distortion before John Lennon or Ray Davies even knew what a Vox AC30 was, much less a fuzz pdeal, and at the same time as Buddy Guy.

Screamin' Lord Sutch had more occult references than 30 Roky bootleg singles. He was more diabolical than Screamin'Jay Hawkins.

He invented death rock. He wore eyeshadow and sang about murderers and had long hair before anyone. He freaked out all the chicks. Scared the chicks into loving him.

Screamin'Lord Sutch and the Savages invented heavy metal.

Screamin' Lord Sutch wrote the goddamn script for Arthur Brown, Syd, Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Death and Slipknot. Nobody else was looming at the lip of the stage like Jack the Ripper leading the Orcs until this fella.

You're all motorheads over here at laughingmadcaps, nasty scuzzy garage-y hippies, and you waffle on about Pretty Things 'Parachute' and Alice Cooper and Hendrix, and you don't even give props to Screamin' Lord Sutch. WTF?

You are waayy behind on your Few Borrowed Good Images


Dad’s living room, slightly more than one month after Katrina. Will and S. and I went to New Orleans to take photographs for insurance purposes.


Dennis Stock.Miles Davis.1958


Saint Pizza, Little Italy


Model Jackie Bowyer in ‘Christopher Robin’ raincoat by Mary Quant, October 1963.


L’Avventure Straordinarissime Di Saturnino Farandola


“Rock’n’roll is so great that everyone in the world should think it’s the greatest thing that’s happening. If they don’t, they’re turds.” -- Lux Interior


“Shoes 2” — Billy Poobah’s art — By request


Gjon Mili, LIFE photographer…
Gene Krupa Jam Session
Drummer Gene Krupa performing at Gjon Mili’s studio. NYC, 1941


Painting of Stapelia variegata by Robert Jacob Gordon (via Janitor of Lunacy)


Farewell My Lovely, Raymond Chandler. Possibly the greatest pulp paperback cover ever. This is a classic crime novel. It’s been reprinted many many times, but has it ever had as great a cover? I doubt it. (submitted by ScoreBaby.)


monkey sword fight


wrangler advert from 1960/?


Emo Crayola Colors



Gershwin’s hands, by Grancel Fitz, 1929.


Girl watching 1959


Painting the tattoo on a carved tiki at the Whakarewarewa model village ca 1905. (Part of collection "Cowan, James, 1870-1943 :Collection of 1860 - 1930")