Friday, February 8, 2013

Family's Last Stand

via :"percy_the_ratcatcher" 

Dave tells this so well on his blog, that I'm not going to add much, except to
say that if this was my first and last Family show, thank the lord I saw them.

Everything was right: historic venue with great acoustics, the band well rounded
out with additional musicians to create a rich sound, Chappo in great voice and
good humour, a near perfect set-list (below).

Over to Dave:

My one addition: my favourite moment came in 'My Friend The Sun', at the end of
the first chorus. As Chappo went for the long high notes of 'there in the
dissssss-taaaaannncceee', the band stopped and he stopped. You suddenly realised
that the whole audience were singing every word with him, and even if he wasn't
going to hit the notes, we were (near enough). 'Thank fuck for that!' said
Roger, and on went the communal performance.

At the end of the final chorus, this happened in reverse... the band paused, the
place hushed and Chappo delivered a perfect 'dissssss-taaaaannncceee' in his
unique voice. Walked to the front of the stage, stuck his tongue out at us and


1.Top of the Hill
2.Drowned in Wine
3.Holding the Compass
4.Part of the Load
5.Ready to Go
6.Crinkly Grin
7.Burning Bridges
8.No Mule's Fool
9.Sat'd'y Barfly
10.Between Blue and Me
11.Hung Up Down
13.In My Own Time
14.Weaver's Answer
Encore 2:
15.My Friend the Sun
16.Sweet Desiree

High quality mp3 here, alternate source, including Frank Worthington's remarkable intro.
Bad language warning re. Chappo's in between song banter: bX1NznEe