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Are You Gonna Be There?

OUT ON PAROLE with T Tex Edwards & The VICTIMS of LEISURE at Roadhouse Rags - Sunday May 31

(Artwork by Charles Hancock)
The Nortons canceled...
Billysteve Korpi's great band The VICTIMS of LEISURE take the stage at 7pm, followed by OUT ON PAROLE with T Tex Edwards, Joe Dickens, Mike Buck, Pat Collins & "Big Jeff" Keyton!!! (Unfortunately Chad Nichols won't be able to make this gig, but he'll be back soon)...

Sunday * May 31, 2009 * 7-10pm
Roadhouse Rags * 1600 Fortview * South Austin

Roadhouse Rags is located at 1600 Fortview, one block West of Bannister and one block East of Manchaca, on the North bound feeder road of Ben White/290w/71w in lovely South Austin. The store is owned by Kelli Archer and Clay Connell and specializes in Men’s Vintage Western Shirts, Cowboy Boots, vintage purses and jewelry, vintage sleepwear, 1940’s-1960’s California pottery, and an exquisite collection of Women’s Party Wear. Roadhouse Rags aims to bring back the tradition of personal attention, it will provide a one-stop shopping experience as well as provide a social atmosphere. The store will be open for business where clients can peruse the racks while a variety of events musical and otherwise will be happening on the stage in the back yard. ALL SHOWS ARE BYOB! Performance Cover Charge is $5. Kids are welcome and are admitted free.

The Dictators - Demos and Rare Tracks (1973-76)

Saturday, May 30, 2009
The Dictators - Demos and Rare Tracks (1973-76)

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Bitrate: 256
Ripped by;: ChrisFoesRock

The Dictators are an American punk rock band formed in New York City in 1973. Critic John Dougan said that they were "one of the finest and most influential proto-punk bands to walk the earth." The Dictators are represented in the "Punk Wing" of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio. Steven Van Zandt called them "The connective tissue between the eras of The MC5, Stooges, NY Dolls, and the punk explosion of the mid to late 1970's"

The original postbox recording line-up consisted of bassist/vocalist Andy "Adny" Shernoff, lead guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman (aka Ross Funicello), rhythm guitarist Scott "Top Ten" Kempner, and drummer Stu Boy King (who was, in fact, the band's fourth drummer since forming in 1973). It was this line-up - along with roadie/occasional vocalist and "Secret Weapon" Handsome Dick Manitoba - which recorded the band's 1975 debut album, The Dictators Go Girl Crazy for Epic Records, produced by Sandy Pearlman and Murray Krugman (best known for their work with Blue Öyster Cult). Although the album sold poorly at the time, today it is considered one of the most important albums ever recorded by a New York punk band of the period, and still stands as arguably one of the funniest records ever made.

Frustrated by the lack of sales, the band broke up for a few months in late 1975, but reconvened in early 1976, with bassist Mark "The Animal" Mendoza replacing Shernoff. After a few months Shernoff was persuaded to return to the group as the group's keyboardist. This line-up soon secured a contract with Asylum Records (at least partly due to the notoriety the group had developed following a well-publicized brawl between Manitoba and Wayne County) and released their second album, Manifest Destiny, in 1977. The album - again produced by Pearlman and Krugman - is usually considered the weakest of the group's first three albums, and featured a considerably more mainstream sound. The band resisted playing songs from Manifest Destiny for several years because the album had not been re-released on CD.

During this period the band was christened with their nickname, "The 'Taters." This culminated in an incident during a tour with Uriah Heep and Foreigner in which Foreigner's roadies strung a net filled with potatoes above the stage and released it during the Dictators' set.

By 1978 Mendoza had left the band (he soon joined Twisted Sister) and Shernoff had returned to his original position on bass guitar. It was this line-up of Manitoba, Shernoff, Friedman, Kempner, and Rich Teeter which recorded Bloodbrothers (yet again produced by Pearlman and Krugman). It was the first album to feature Manitoba as the group's vocalist on all the songs, though Bruce Springsteen - a big fan of the group to this day - can be heard counting "1-2-1-2-3-4" during the album's opening track, "Faster and Louder." The album's "Baby, Let's Twist" was a minor hit on a number of east coast radio stations, but the lack of mainstream success caused the band to split the following year. Shortly before the split drummer Mel Anderson had left Twisted Sister and joined The Dictators, replacing Teeter.

Demos & Rare Tracks '73-'76

1st demo, 1973:
01. Weekend
02. Backseat Boogie
03. Master Race Rock
04. California Sun
05. Fireman's Friend

1975 demos:
06. Interstellar Overdrive
07. Tits to You
08. Too Much Fun
09. Dogs

March '76 ("Jabberwalk" session):
10. America the Beautiful
11. Sleepin' with the TV On

1976 demos:
12. Heartache
13. Search & Destroy
14. Disease
15. Sleepin' with the TV On
16. Exposed

1976 live--reference to "The Wayne County Incident"
17. Smash That Faggot's Head (clip)
18. 1977 radio ad

Upplagd av How about you! kl. 11:32
Etiketter: The Dictators

how to draw boobs…

(From Julia Segal's SKULL SWAP)

how to draw boobs…

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A Wild Weekend of Good/Bad Borrowed Images

From Durer:

From Ken @ The Stash Dauber:

From Mookie @The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party:
Eduardo Benavente (Madrid, on October 30, 1962 - Alfaro, on May 14, 1983) was a Spanish musician. Drummer of bands like Alaska y los Pegamoides (Alaska and the Celluloses), Seres Vacíos (Empty Beings) and leader and singer of Parálisis Permanente (Permanent Paralysis), a cult band of the famous “movida madrileña” in early 80's, his early death turned it into a myth of the Spanish alternative music scene. He was only 20 years old when he died in a traffic accident while touring with his band 26 years ago. He is still considered the icon of the Spanish Punk and Goth scene.

From "Boody" by Craig Yoe
The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers

From Julia Segal @ skull swap:

From Joe Nick:
Turban Cowboy

From Grumpy Owl:

From Don Gray:
Miss Nancy & Miss Linda

From jon savage:

From Red Neckerson?:
Jean Sheppard

From Heathcliff:

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"Pokii" by James Williamson

(Here are some interesting sounds from James Williamson)

"This will take you to a work in progress called "Pokii" which means little sister in Hawaiian. I recorded it to give the readers of my Fretboard Journal article (Winter edition) an idea of what this Weissenborn Spanish Neck Guitar sounds like (pictured in my profile)." - James Williamson (on his Facebook page)

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Insects In Flagrante (from Webphemera Blog)

(Here are some, ahem, interesting photographs of insects making the world go round. Click on 'Insects In Flagrante' above & go to the Webphemera Blog for lots more photos & descriptions.)

The diversity of insects on this planet is astonishing and should be a source of continual wonder for us all. It can only be hope that these incredible creatures can be left to survive and continue their species for many millennia to come. Of course they do everything we do - sometimes with much more aplomb! You may think this is mother nature at is rawest or a kind of bug porn! Choose for yourself, but ready or not - here we go!

A pair of Migrant Hawkers mates, the fantastic coloring of their bodies coordinating so well with each other. Found in Sweden, this dragonfly is known there as Höstmosaikslända which translates to “Fall Mosaic”. A rather beautiful name for a rather beautiful creature.

Two rotting bananas do it on a lead. This awesomely ugly creature is known as Lixus angustatus but we would call it a weevil. They are also, unsurprisingly, known as Snout Beetles and look as if they are some long lost relative of the Ant Eater. There is such an abundance of Weevil species and diversity that their classification is in a constant state of flux but you are most likely to meet one at home if you open a bag of flour! A good job that home baking is on the decline, then!

The European Praying Mantis is one of the more popular insects because of its alien appearance. The female is renowned for eating the male after mating. This is certainly true – and the male knows it. Little known is the fact that many males manage to make a quick getaway after they have secured continuance of their genetic material!

These Cicada Parasite bugs may look as if they belong to different species but it is quite usual for male and female insects to be startlingly different from one another. The larger one is the female and the brown one doing the work is the male. Found in the USA, they are otherwise known as Cedar Beetles.

What selection of insects would be complete without the inclusion of the Grasshopper? This image manages to be beautiful, scary and creepy all at the same time.

A Wednesday's Worth of Good Borrowed Images

From Tom Sutpen:
No Sleep Till Brooklyn #1
Original Caption: "Brooklyn -- A Stop sign is dwarfed by the tail section of a wrecked United Airlines DC-8 Jet that crashed into a residential section of Brooklyn following a mid-air collision. The second aircraft, a Trans-World Airlines Super Constellation, fell to earth in a field in Staten Island. At least 131 persons died in the disaster, the worst in the history of aviation." (1960)

From The Smudge of Ashen Fluff by John:
Live, New York, 1958, at the Five Spot

From Amazon:

From Jamie W:

From Malibu Mike:
Click, Margaret & MM

From Red Neckerson:

From angel corpus christi:

From Tom Sutpen:
B is for Beaton #21They Were an Item #77 (Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein)

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Frisco band /LOOSE GRAVEL EP maxi EP 1981 Fan Cub wav
Waiting in line / Gravel rash / Don't flash out (keep flashin' on).
Loose Gravel : Mike Wilhelm : 6 & 12 string guitar, lead vocals / Mike Deryckx : bass guitar & backing vocals / Rol Gjano : drums & percussion.

Mike Wilhelm started his career as the backup guitarist for the Chambers Brothers after having studied guitar with Brownie McGee.
He was a founding member of The Charlatans, the first psychedelic rock band in San Francisco. His previously banned sixties cover of Buffy St. Marie's "Codine" was used in the movie, Boys Don't Cry during Hilary Swank's sex change scene. His guitar solo, one of his favorites, was deleted on the movie soundtrack and the Charlatans had to sue the director of the film to get paid.
Unfortunately, their only official album came out some time after the band broke up and their singer and drummer, Dan Hicks, had left the group.
After the Charlatans disbanded, he formed a trio called Loose Gravel from 1969 until 1976 and famously gave Bill Graham the finger in the movie of 'The Last Days of The Fillmore' when Graham refused to let his then group, Loose Gravel, play in that real dud of a film. Graham, however, who filmed everything, liked Mike giving him the finger so much he left the scene in the movie. Loose Gravel played simple and biker's rock 'n' Roll and also featured a pre-Groovies Chris Wilson in the ranks..
Wilhelm spent six years as lead guitarist with the The Flamin Groovies and toured Europe and elsewhere with them. He played on two studio albums, 'Flamin' Groovies Now!' (1978) and 'Jumpin' in the Night' (1979), reissued as part of the Groovies' three-CD set The Sire Years collection.

There are still more than a few sixties icons who get mighty nervous if Mike Wilhelm shows up, as he did in his original Charlatans hat at the recent SF kickoff party for the Summer of Love's 40th Anniversary.
He sat in with the Plimsouls at the Cafe Du Nord in 2005 and previously appeared as an opener for Peter Case, who, amazingly, began his career with The Nerves in Lake County. Case, in his blog at describes Wilhelm as "Dapper And Dangerous As Usual."

Loose Gravel did not release their official record in the period of their activity. After They were revalued in 80'S, some their recording materials were released. Fan club (a division of New Rose) puts out this ep & then the fanzine Bucketfull of Brains also for a CD which includes studio demo'75 and live'76.


Our Giant Cardoon Plant In Bloom - 5/19/09

Sunday, May 24, 2009



Despite having a massive instrumental hit with Fleetwood Mac ('Albatross'), repeating the process for Reprise as a solo artist wasn't so automatic. In fact, this was a total non-starter. Released a year after his disappointing post Mac album, THE END OF THE GAME, it seems all his fans lost interest, all of the press and media lost interest and quite frankly, so too did his label.

Now the subtle grower is a damn hard single to find. Having patiently riden out his has-been phase, Peter Green graduated nicely to legend - making this record sound just a little more vital.


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More Than A Few Good Borrowed Images For A Holiday Weekend

From Dallas Police Department:
Crazed Hippie Arrested With Cocaine & Weapons

From Johnny One-Note's Earcandies:
Hew says: "Hi Johnny. This folder contains a glamour photo magazine from 1957, a sub folder of pics of a young marilyn monroe and another sub folder with pin-ups, vintage men's magazine covers, vintage erotica and silver screen goddesses from their early years (some nudity, but tasteful off course). Included are: Jayne Mansfield, Mamie van Doren, Anita Ekberg, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins, Bettie Page, Lucille Ball, Sophia Loren and more. Grab this (not the girls, lol), and enjoy!" Go vintage here:

From The Stash Dauber:
Uncle Lou

From Doc 40 by Mick Farren:

From Johnny One-Note's Earcandies:
Pee Wee Crayton's VeeJay recordings reissued on the Japanese P-Vine-label

From Tex & The Horseheads:

From Coilhouse by ironrinn:
The Cruel Delights Of Cheng Fei
Like cherubs stuffed to their breaking point, Cheng Fei’s figures revel in vice. Their corpulent bodies, drenched in lust and gluttony, roil and roll on the canvas. Faceless, save for collagen plumped pornstar lips, their appendages have ballooned and bloated so that they are nigh unrecognizable. Incapable of seeing, hearing, or smelling they can only imbibe and consume, feeding their own, selfish desires. Some, their skins forced beyond the confines of their elasticity, split asunder, revealing a beautiful and ghastly store of jeweled offal; strings of pearly entrails; the digested result of their hedonism which, even in death, they claw at.
Cute and macabre they manage, mostly, to draw the viewer in while simultaneously repulsing them. They are undeniably repugnant, embodying as they do the most base facets of our society, culture, species, what have you; but they do it with a greeting card sensibility which is, perhaps, what makes them so effective. It’s an interesting dichotomy, regardless of the message.

From If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats by Tom Sutpen:
The Heretofore Unmentioned #77
René François Ghislain Magritte

From My Non-Tour Diary by angel corpus christi:

From Pat C: