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Frisco band /LOOSE GRAVEL EP maxi EP 1981 Fan Cub wav
Waiting in line / Gravel rash / Don't flash out (keep flashin' on).
Loose Gravel : Mike Wilhelm : 6 & 12 string guitar, lead vocals / Mike Deryckx : bass guitar & backing vocals / Rol Gjano : drums & percussion.

Mike Wilhelm started his career as the backup guitarist for the Chambers Brothers after having studied guitar with Brownie McGee.
He was a founding member of The Charlatans, the first psychedelic rock band in San Francisco. His previously banned sixties cover of Buffy St. Marie's "Codine" was used in the movie, Boys Don't Cry during Hilary Swank's sex change scene. His guitar solo, one of his favorites, was deleted on the movie soundtrack and the Charlatans had to sue the director of the film to get paid.
Unfortunately, their only official album came out some time after the band broke up and their singer and drummer, Dan Hicks, had left the group.
After the Charlatans disbanded, he formed a trio called Loose Gravel from 1969 until 1976 and famously gave Bill Graham the finger in the movie of 'The Last Days of The Fillmore' when Graham refused to let his then group, Loose Gravel, play in that real dud of a film. Graham, however, who filmed everything, liked Mike giving him the finger so much he left the scene in the movie. Loose Gravel played simple and biker's rock 'n' Roll and also featured a pre-Groovies Chris Wilson in the ranks..
Wilhelm spent six years as lead guitarist with the The Flamin Groovies and toured Europe and elsewhere with them. He played on two studio albums, 'Flamin' Groovies Now!' (1978) and 'Jumpin' in the Night' (1979), reissued as part of the Groovies' three-CD set The Sire Years collection.

There are still more than a few sixties icons who get mighty nervous if Mike Wilhelm shows up, as he did in his original Charlatans hat at the recent SF kickoff party for the Summer of Love's 40th Anniversary.
He sat in with the Plimsouls at the Cafe Du Nord in 2005 and previously appeared as an opener for Peter Case, who, amazingly, began his career with The Nerves in Lake County. Case, in his blog at describes Wilhelm as "Dapper And Dangerous As Usual."

Loose Gravel did not release their official record in the period of their activity. After They were revalued in 80'S, some their recording materials were released. Fan club (a division of New Rose) puts out this ep & then the fanzine Bucketfull of Brains also for a CD which includes studio demo'75 and live'76.


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