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All About an HCV-Related Condition: Lichen Planus

Hepatitis Central
November 16, 2009

All About an HCV-Related Condition: Lichen Planus

Lichen planus, a recurring skin condition that often manifests with Hepatitis C infection, can cause intense itching and pain. Learn about the skin disease's characteristics and commonly affected regions - as well as six strategies that may help reduce your risk of lichen planus from returning.

by Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.

Affecting between one and two percent of the world's population, lichen planus is a relatively common dermatological disease. A recurring, chronic, non-allergic, non-infectious, non-contagious disease of the skin, lichen planus has a tendency to relapse after months or years. In between episodes, practicing preventative measures may be able to stop the recurrence of this frustrating condition.

The exact cause of lichen planus is unknown, but it seems to be triggered by stress, genetics, viral infection and allergic reactions to medicines. Although it can be associated with many different health conditions, lichen planus is a common manifestation of Hepatitis C infection. Studies have found that up to 60 percent of people with lichen planus have a history of Hepatitis C. For this reason, it has been recommended that people with lichen planus (especially with elevated liver enzymes) should be tested for the Hepatitis C virus.

About Lichen Planus
Arriving in episodes lasting months to years, lichen planus may begin gradually or quickly. Although no specific cause can be singled out, many possible sources have been implicated in its evolution. Found to occur more frequently in people with a liver dysfunction, lichen planus is now recognized as an extra-hepatic manifestation of the Hepatitis C virus.

Often times, a physician must perform a biopsy of affected tissue to confirm a diagnosis of lichen planus. Unfortunately, several biopsies may be needed at various times, along with blood tests. Clinicians seem to agree that it is common for a yeast infection to be present with lichen planus. In such cases, treating the yeast infection first often improves the severity of lichen planus.

Below are eight characteristics of lichen planus:

1. Appearing as shiny, flat-topped bumps typically with an angular shape, the bumps of lichen planus have a reddish-purplish color and a shiny cast.

2. Even though it favors the inside of the wrists and ankles, the lower legs, back and neck, lichen planus can surface anywhere on the skin.

3. The mouth, genital region, hair and nails may be lichen planus targets in some individuals.

4. Thick patches may occur, especially on the shins.

5. Blisters rarely occur.

6. Bumps typically appear in areas of trauma.

7. About 20 percent of the time, lichen planus of the skin causes minimal symptoms and needs no treatment.

8. In many cases, the itching of lichen planus can be constant and intense.

There is no known cure for skin lichen planus, but treatment is often effective in relieving itching and improving the appearance of the rash until it goes away. Since every case of lichen planus is different, no one treatment is sufficient. Physicians may prescribe oral or topical corticosteroids, antihistamines, retinoid drugs or photo-chemotherapy light treatment (PUVA).

Other Locations
Commonly seen with Hepatitis C infection, lichen planus affects other regions of the body such as the mouth, scalp and nails:

· Lichen Planus of the Mouth - Lichen planus lesions can be found on the inside of the cheeks, gums and tongue. Called oral lichen planus, this variety can be more difficult to treat and typically lasts longer than skin lichen planus. About one-third of all people who have oral lichen planus also have skin lichen planus. Typically appearing as patches of fine white lines and dots, oral lichen planus rarely causes symptoms. However, severe forms of oral lichen planus can cause painful sores and ulcers in the mouth.

· Lichen Planus of the Nails - Reported in about 10 percent of lichen planus cases, nails can also be affected by this condition. The majority of toenail or fingernail changes results from damage to the nail matrix, or nail root. Nail changes associated with lichen planus include longitudinal ridging, grooving, splitting, nail thinning and nail loss. In severe cases, the nail may be temporarily or permanently destroyed. Lichen planus of the nails is often resistant to treatment.

· Lichen Planus of the Scalp - Lichen Planopilaris is the specific name given to lichen planus on the scalp, which causes permanent scarring alopecia with inflammation around affected hair follicles. Mostly affecting middle-aged adults as distinct patches of hair loss, treatment includes oral and topical steroids.

Relapse Prevention
Besides avoiding potentially aggravating medications, most clinicians woefully report that there is no surefire way to prevent the recurrence of lichen planus. However, the growing understanding that this skin disorder is an extension of an immune system deficiency offers some clues. In addition, the fact that treating a yeast infection is beneficial for lichen planus, gives us even more useful information.

By keeping your body - both the physical and emotional extensions - as healthy as possible, your risk of a severe lichen planus outbreak is reduced. On top of controlling any possible lichen planus triggers, six suggestions for accomplishing this include:

1. Do whatever is necessary to minimize stress.

2. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

3. Prioritize getting a full night of restful sleep.

4. Choose foods that are digestive system friendly, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, high-fiber and items low in saturated fat.

5. Reduce peppermint, cinnamon and citrus foods (as these may aggravate lichen planus).

6. Fight yeast accumulation with probiotics. According to Israeli researchers, probiotics are immune system modulators. In addition to strengthening the digestive system to combat yeast, probiotics have also demonstrated an improved ratio of immune cell factors.

This potentially frustrating skin disease can really be a challenge, especially while trying to manage chronic Hepatitis C. Since Hepatitis C and lichen planus commonly appear together, looking for solutions to benefit both ailments is the best choice. In addition to working with your physician to minimize any lichen planus triggers, evaluate what you are doing to keep your emotional, digestive and immune systems healthy. Even if you are struggling with an outbreak, instituting the above listed six suggestions will pay off in the long run - by reducing the risk of future lichen planus episodes and by improving your overall physical health.


Amital H., et al., Probiotic Supplementation with Lactobacillus casei (Actimel) Induces a Th1 Response in an Animal Model of Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, September 2007., Lichen Planus: A Common Skin Rash in Autoimmune Disorders, Elaine Moore, April 2007., Extrahepatic Manifestations: Lichen Planus, Alan Franciscus, Hepatitis C Support Project, 2007.

Prabhu Smitha, Pavithran K, Sobhanadevi G, Lichen planus and hepatitis c virus (HCV) - Is there an association? A serological study of 65 cases, Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, 2002., Lichen Planus, Rajani Katta, MD, American Family Physician, 2007., Lichen Planus, American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, 2007., What you Need to Know About Lichen Planus, Dr. Rajesh Shah, 2007.

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A Double Helping of Leftover Good, Borrowed Images


Urban Chickens - Todd Parsons


The Artwork of Leonid Afremov


Choices, choices, and choices… (via La Contessa)


Francis Bacon(Artist) & William Burroughs,(writer) in London 1989.


we accept you! we accept you!



Charles Bukowski with his Girlfriend Cupcake, Panel 2 Joseph Ferris (1999) Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 48"


Left-Hand-Boy-inside-a-Tipi (via Suzee Que)


Source Unknown.


Art of Pop #53 The Girl Most Likely Jeannie C. Riley (Pickwick Records; 1971)



Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar with Cat.


Dora Maar Pablo Picasso Undated


Sable Star & Roderick Edward “Legs” McNeil (McNeil is a writer and co-founder of Punk Magazine. He is also a former senior editor at Spin Magazine, and the founder and editor of Nerve magazine)


VALDESPINO Les animaux me surprendront toujours ! Affiche Anonyme.


Mannequins in Marcel Duchamp's Surrealist Exhibition. Held at Beaux-arts Gallery in Paris, 1938.



John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis and Bill Evans working on the Kind of Blue sessions 1959

“It was because of Bill [Evans]’s influence, I think, that I always had classical music on around the house. It was so soothing to think and work by. I mean people would come by and expect to hear a lot of jazz on the box, but I wasn’t into that at the time and a lot of people were shocked to hear me listening to classical music all the time, you know, Stravinsky, Arturo Michelangeli, Rachmaninoff, Isaac Stern.” -MIles Davis


Marigold (2006) 20" x 24" (oil on canvas) by Clifford Bailey


Making Mardi Gras Masks


Von_dem_Straussen/Ostrich, woodcut, hand-coloured - Konrad Gesner’s Historiae Animalium 1600 (via The Blog of No Return)


Artists and Animals #39 - Jayne Mansfield serenades her dogs


Commelinantia anomala. False dayflower.


Geroge Grosz, Down with Liebkenecht, 1919.


Roy Orbison & Marianne Faithful

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Stash de Rola: The Dandy Aesthete of Swinging London,1025064,1026166

BBC Radio 4 programme on Stash de Rola
Posted by: Green Lady ()
Date: February 2, 2009 00:05

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 2nd February, 11.30 a.m. GMT: if you can get past the silly title this might be an interesting half hour:

Stash: The Dandy Aesthete of Swinging London
Next on:

03 Feb 2009, 11:30 on BBC Radio 4

Music journalist Mark Paytress tracks down the mysterious Stash, or Prince Stanislaus Klossowski de Rola - friend of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, exotic dandy and lover, actor, musician, aristocrat and son of the controversial artist Balthus.

Mark examines Stash's close association with Stones guitarist Brian Jones and other leading lights of the music scene in 1960s London, the interest he developed in alchemy during a period living in Sri Lanka, and visits him in his Italian castle to discuss his life and experiences.

Here come the bus ... Where's my dime? I know I gotta dime here somewhere...

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Re: BBC Radio 4 programme on Stash de Rola
Posted by: Deltics ()
Date: February 2, 2009 00:45

From the new issue of Mojo:

"As we say in England, it can get a bit trainspottery"

Re: BBC Radio 4 programme on Stash de Rola
Posted by: Deltics ()
Date: February 4, 2009 00:18

If you're interested, you can listen to and/or download it here:

Stash.mp3 - 38.72MB

Features Chris Jagger and Phil May (Pretty Things) at the beginning.

Re: BBC Radio 4 programme on Stash de Rola
Posted by: jlowe ()
Date: February 7, 2009 18:42

Actually, quite an entertaining listen.
A charmed life. No 9-5 drudgery.
No tabloid intrusions.
Sleeping with Marianne + Anita + 1000 other unamed beauties.
Obviously believes the 67 Jones bust was a trumpted up charge, but then goes on to admit "if they'd visited any other time they would have found " etc. Strange logic.
No mention really of Keith or the 73 bust in London (Cheyne Walk).
Chris Jagger was interviewed -sounds a bit like Mick, without the forced cockney drawl.
Anita and Marianne declined to be interviewed.
Stash tried to get it on with the producer of the documentary. She declined.
But of course.

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(Thanks to Raphael S for the referral...)

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A Few, Good, Borrowed Thanksgiving Images


I'm thankful to all those who stop by and leave comments. So get out your peace pipes and be thankful for what you have.


"Last Frontier Hotel. Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanksgiving 1951. -- Pretty Joan Manning didn't have the heart to kill this turkey at the Last Frontier Village so she decided to make a pet of it and eat hamburger for Thanksgiving." Via the USC archives. Posted by Greg G.


Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday. This lovely pair of blue turkeys is available at Linocutboy’s shop:


Circa 1910, postcard by Frances Brundage. You know I love anything on wheels...

Circa 1934 -- Max Baer Sr.(Jethro's dad), world's heavyweight boxing champion, gathering his Thanksgiving dinner. -- Image by © Bettmann.

Jeanne Crain has an axe to grind with a certain turkey, circa 1946.- Image by © Bettmann.

“I’ll take a leg, please…” Marilyn Monroe as vixen pilgrim, circa 1950. -Image by © Bettmann.

(Bettie Page, left) Queens of the the 33rd annual Roseland Thanksgiving Eve ball in New York. circa 1951. — Image by © Bettmann.


Listen & download at:
Posted by Kogar the Swinging Ape


copyright © 2009 Wyatt Doyle

(And speaking of TURKEYS...)

"Still my favorite souvenir of the 2008 election." - space2k

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Waste Paper #27, 1990.
(Thanx to WaxTrax)

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Kevin Ayers - Abbey Road Tape Archive Pt 1

From: "David Parker" with the whatevershebringswesing Yahoo group at:

Kevin Ayers - Abbey Road Tape Archive Pt 1

Hello Folks,

Part 1 of a (very) occasional series re Kevin Ayers...

This is from a 1/2" thick pile of A4 pages that the Abbey Road computer
generated for me back in 1997.

You'll have to decode the plain text version as best you can, but the format

Tape Number / Tape Format / Record Date / Track Title

The plain text means that where there is more than one track title on a tape
you'll have to do some eye-juggling to follow it - I'm afraid that this is
the best I can offer.

I've included all of the relevant information from the print-out (I'm sorry
but I couldn't face typing in the shelf location reference number for each
tape:-) + any comments noted. The tapes are listed in (pretty much)
alphabetical order - so that's how you'll be getting them.

No promises as to when the next bit will be along:-)

All the best


Report 003: Tape Report – Full Details
EMI Music – Music Master Archive System
Abbey Road Studios Tape Library

E093997 4-Track 3/10/69 All This Crazy Gift of Time (remake)

107022 ¼” Stereo 19/9/72 Don’t Let it Get You Down (LP)
When Your Parents Go to Sleep
Don’t Let it Get You Down (single)
Don’t Sing No More Sad Songs
Crystal Clear
(Bananamour LP Tracks)

TL22603A ¼” Stereo --/--/-- Don’t Let it Get You Down
Shouting in a Bucket Blues
When Your Parents Go to Sleep
(Banana Amour LP S1)

TL22603B ¼” Stereo 10/10/72 Decadence
Oh What a Dream
Beware of the Dog
(Banana Amour LP S2)

(Missed out a couple of long but not very interesting compilation LP master

101427 ¼” Mono 3/11/71 Bubbling Brook (Sound Effect)

E098408 1” 8-Track 28/8/70 Butterfly Dance (First and Second Parts)

E099343 1” 8-Track 28/8/70 Butterfly Dance (Sec Part 8T to 8T)

01121A 2” 16-Track 29/3/73 Caribbean Moon (TK 1-2)

13846 ¼” Stereo 17/5/76 Caribbean Moon (Master)
Sea Shore Tape Loop
Caribbean Moon (Original Master O/TS)
Intro/Solo/Last Chorus

E101472 ¼” Stereo 29/3/73 Caribbean Moon (Edit Piece)

13958 ¼” Stereo 24/5/76 Caribbean Moon (7” 'A' master)
Caribbean Moon (1-1 copy with sea noises)

01121 2” Session Tape --/--/-- Caribbean Moon (06:18)
Final Line Up (06:10)

100286 ¼” Stereo 6/8/71 Champagne Song (from ST4 on E103844)

103844 1” 8-Track 4/8/71 Champagne Song

E105417 1” 8-Track 14/3/72 Clarence in Wonderland (original master)

AR36569 ¼” Stereo 1/12/73 Irreversible Neural Damage
Once Chance Dance, The
Dr Dream Theme
Two Goes Into Four
(‘Confessions of Dr Dream’ Production master)

AR36568 ¼” Stereo 1/12/73 Day by Day
C U Later
Didn’t Feel Lonely
Everybody’s Sometime and Some People’s
It Begins With a Blessing/Etc
Ballbearing Blues
(‘Confessions of Dr Dream’ Production master)

107751 ¼” Stereo --/--/-- Decadence (Original end at end)

E107585 2” 16-Track 7/11/72 Decadence (TK 1 Best 08:15)

E106672 1” 8-Track 12/8/72 Don’t Let it Get You Down

E106673 2” 16-Track 9/8/72 Don’t Sing No More Sad Songs (TK 4 03:01)
Don’t Sing No More Sad Songs (TK 8 Best 03:35)
Crystal Clear (TK 6 Best 04:43)

107422 ¼” Stereo --/--/-- Don’t Let it Get You Down
(Single version/Edited 03:19)

00803 2” 16-Track 9/4/73 Fred (TK 10 Best) (“Possibly wrong title”)

75944 Umatic 12/5/89 Gemini Child (Master) ‘Production Master’

AR58235 ¼” Stereo 8/5/89 Gemini Child (Master 03:16) ‘Original Master’

E092596 1” 4-Track 17/6/69 It Song, The
Circus (Remade 23.6.69 on E92610 (4T))

103873 1” 8-Track 27/7/71 Jolie Madame (03:10)
There is Loving

TL20322A ¼” Stereo 3/10/69 Joy of a Toy
Town Feeling
Clarietta Rag, The
Girl on a Swing
Song for Insane Times
(‘Joy of Toy LP S1)
(Original tape mixed from 8-Track)
(Tape characteristic CCIR)

TL20322B ¼” Stereo 3/10/69 Stop This Train (Again Doing It)
Eleanor’s Cake Which Ate Her
Lady Rachael, The
Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong
(“Please cut 2db @ 64 B on cutting”)
All This Crazy Gift of Time
(‘Joy of a Toy LP S2)
(Original tape mixed from 8-Track)
(Tape characteristic CCIR)

E094134 1” 8-Track 15/7/69 Stop This Train
Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong
Song for Insane Times
Joy of a Toy
Town Feeling
Miss Clarietta
(‘Session Tape’)

E094135 1” 8-Track 15/7/69 Eleanors Cake
Lady Rachel
Girl on a Swing
All This Crazy Gift of Time
(‘Session Tape’)

E104547 2” 16-Track 9/4/72 Lady Rachel (TK 1-3 B/D)
Lady Rachel (TK 4 Comp 06:27)
Lady Rachel (TK 5)
Lady Rachel (TK 6 05:30)

E105038 ¼” Stereo 4/2/72 Lady Rachel (06:36)
(“Not for Production – Don’t Use”)

E105121 ¼” Stereo 16/2/72 Lady Rachel (“For USA LP”) Edited
Lady Rachel (“UK single version”) (04:48)

E104548 2” 16-Track 4/1/72 Lady Rachel (TK7 F/S)
Lady Rachel (TK 8 Best) (06:38)
Crazy Gift of Time (TK 1-5)
Crazy Gift of Time (TK 6 Best) (04:13)

E099107 1” 8-Track 4/8/70 Live – Hyde Park: R3 “Untitled”

E099108 1” 8-Track 4/8/70 Live – Hyde Park: R4 “Untitled”

End of Part 1…

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The Records That John Peel Loved The Most!


The Records That John Peel Loved The Most!

These were the records that were found in john peels favourite box. A collection that he took with him to gigs, and kept aside from his main collection. The ones that no one else was allowed to touch!

Al Casey – Surfin’ Hootenanny/Easy Pickin’
Al Ferrier – I’m Not Drinking More/Don’t Play Blue Eyes
Alan Price Set – I Put A Spell On You
Andy Capp – Popatop Reco/The Lion Speaks
Anemic Boyfriends – Guys Are Not Proud/Bad Girls In Love
Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain/I’ve Been There Before
Anti-Social – Traffic Lights/Teacher Teacher
Arthur K. Adams – Wildwood Flower/I’ts A Wild Wild Wild Wild Wildwood Flower
Big Stick – Drag Racing/Hell On Earth
Bill Oddie – Harry Krishna/On Ilkia Moor Bah T’at
Boards Of Canada – Aquarius/Chinook
Bobby Lee Trammel – If You Ever Get It Once/Don’t You Know I Love You
Cat Power – Headlights/Darling Said Sir
Charlie Feathers – Deep Elm Blues/Nobody’s Darling
Cheese – Dancing Queen/Direwolf
Clague – The Stride/ I Wonder Where
Clefs Of Lavender Hill – Stop! – Get A Ticket/First Tell Me Why
Cleveland Crochet – Sugar Bee/Drunkards Dream
Don Covay – It’s Better To Have/Leave Him
Don French – Lonely Saturday Night/Goldie Locks
Dreamland Express – Groovy/Ufo
Easy Teeth – Car Noise/Her Blade
Eddie & Ernie – Time Waits For No One/That’s The Way It Is
Electro Hippies – Mega-Armageddon Death
Elmore James – The Sky Is Crying/Standing At The Crossroads
Fireman – Old Smokie/Louies Theme
Freshman – You Never Herd Anything Like It/Bombing Run
G.L. Crocket – It’s A Man Down There/Every Hour, Every Day
Greater Davis – For Your Prechious Love/Wrapped Up In You
Gene Dozier & The United Front – Give The Woman What They Want/The Best Girl They Ever Had
Gollnski Brothers – Bloody/Toy
Green Horns – Stayed Up Last Night
Hooten 3 Car – Danny/Numena
Soledad Brothers – Sugar & Spice/Johnny’s Death Letter
Idle Race – Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree/My Fathers Son
Izzy Race – Coronation Street
James Bond And The Undercover Men – Hot Rod Lincon/Come On Up
Jerry Byro – Memories Of Maria/Invitation
Jody Reynolds – Endless Sleep/Western Movies
Johnnie Taylor – I’ve Been Born Again/At Night Time
Johnny Adams – You’re A Lady/I Wish It Would Rain
Johnny Fortune – Dragster/Soul Surfer
La Peste – Black/Better Off Dead
Larry Bright – Mojo Workout/I’ll Change My Ways
Laurie Anderson – O Superman/Walk The Dog
Lee Perry – Baffin Smoke Signal/Black Smoke Signal
Lightning Hopkins – Mojo Hand/Glory Be
Marc Bolan – Marc Bolan Talking To Stevie Dixon 1973
Mary Monday – Gave My Punk Jacket To Richie/Popgun
Max Romeo – Sipple Out Deh/Revelation
MC5 – Looking At You/Borderline
Medicine Head – Cost To Cost/All For Tomorrow
Mel And Tim – Starting All Over Again/It Hurts To Want It So Bad
Meow - Kat Nip/One Night Stand/Anthem/Kill Kill Kill
Mickie Lee Lane – Tuitti Fruitti/With Your Love
Mike Spencer And The Cannibals – Good Guys/Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Nice – Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack
Nilson - Everybody’s Talkin’
Nilson – Without You
O.V. Wright – That’s How Strong My Love Is/There Goes My Used To Be
Paul Blake & The Blood Fire Possie – Every Possie Gets Flat/Flat Out
Paul Revere And The Raiders – Him Or Me-What’s It Gonna Be?/Legend Of Paul Revere
Pavement – Demolision Plot J-7
Pocket Fisherman – Yr Story/The Leader Is Burning
Quads – You’ve Gotta Jive/There Must Be Thousands
Ray Martin – Blue Tango/Bell Of The Ball
Revelino – Step On High
Rod Bernard – This Should Go On Forever
Roshell Anderson – The Grapevine Will Lie Sometimes/Such A Beautiful Thing
Roy Head – Treat Her Right/So Long My Love
Sam And Dave – I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down/Sooth Me
Sacha Caro – Grade 3 Section 2/Little Maid’s Song
Scrugg – Will The Real Geraldine Please Stand Up And Be Counted/Only George
Sheena Easton – 9 To 5/Moody
Siphon Bhengu – Tickay Dopies/I Saluti
Some Chickens – New Religion/Blood On The Wall
Spit Out – O From I/Tan/Riot ‘N Roll
Stanly Winston – No More Ghettos In America/It’s Alright
Status Que – Down Down
Super Sister – No Tree Will Grow/She Was Naked
The Beatles – Come Together/Octopuses Garden/Something
The Big Three – You’ve Gotta Keep Her Underhand/If You Ever Change Your Mind
The Factory – Path Through The Forest/Gone
The Galatic Symposium – Ymca/Money
The Legion Of Super-Heroes – The Great Name Dropper Pt1/Pt2
The Mark Four – Hurt Me If You Will/I’m Leaving
The Mighty Avengers – So Much In Love/Something They Say
The Misunderstood – I Can’t Take That To The Sun/Who Do You Love
The Move – I Can Hear The Grass Grow/Wave The Flag, Stop The Train
The Negatives – Love Is Not Real/Stakeout
The Nightcaps – Wine Wine Wine/Nightcap Rock
The Ramrods – Zig Zag/Riders In The Sky
The Smoke – My Friend Jack/We Can Take It
The Squirrels – Oz On 45/Alone Again
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t Have
The Upholsters – Makers Of Hight Grade Suits
The Upsetters – Bucky Skank/Yucky Skank
The Upsetters – Key Card/Domino Game
The Users – Sick On You/I’m In Love With Today
The Versalites – Cutting Razor/Black Belt Jones
The White Stripes – Lafayette Blues/Sugar Never Tasted So Good
The White Stripes – Party Of Special Things To Do/Ashtray Heart
The White Stripes – Merry Christmas From….
The White Stripes – It Take Two Baby/Fell In Love With A Girl
The White Stripes – Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
The White Stripes – Hand Springs
The White Stripes – Hotel Yorba
The White Stripes – Lord, Send Me An Angel
The White Stripes – The Big Three Killed My Baby
The White Stripes – Hello Operator/Jolene
The Henchmen Feat. Jack White – Some Other Guy/Psycho Daisies
2 Star Tabernacle – Rambling Man
The Wildbunch – Danger (Feat. Jack White)
Travis Wammack – Fire Fly/Scratchy
Various Artists – Surprise Package Vol. 2 (Feat White Stripes, Rocket 455 & The Blowtops)
Various Artists – Surprise Package Vol. 3 (Feat. The Real Pills, Mhz, The Dirtbombs)
Xl-Capris – My City Of Sydney/Dead Bugies
Yami – Richer Than Cory
Yardbirds – Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies


John Peel Hero!

John Peel


English DJ John Peel passed away in 2004 and about a year later his private stash of 45's was uncovered and a BBC documentary was made about the box. Here's a clip from it:

John Peel's Record Box - The Fall

Biba Kopf Kevin Ayers Epiphany

From richardbrunoelliott at the whatevershebringswesing yahoo group:

The Wire
Biba Kopf has his life changed by a
mysterious noise in the night

During one of their habitual tirades against the
evils of Western music, party leaders in Beijing
once unfavourably compared the oeuvre of Elvis
Presley with the Chinese revolutionary hit "The Faeces
Collectors Descend From The Mountain". Had the
venerable cadres been more familiar with Yukio
Mishima's startling literary debut Confessions Of A Mask
(1949), in which a four year old Yukio recounted his
sexual arousal at the sight of a youthful night-soil man
coming down the slope, they might have have been
more careful about the selections for their youthpurifying
revolutionary jukebox. For Mishima's encounter
was, he wrote, a presentiment that "there is in this world
a kind of desire like stinging pain". So who knows what
unusual longings Beijing's injudicious cultural watchdogs
unleashed in the hearts of young China?

A kind of desire like stinging pain... In musical terms
such a desire manifests itself through disharmony, dirt in
the ear, the spillage of noise. Pardon my pretension, but
my Christmas holiday reading of Deadly Dialectics: Sex,
Violence And Nihilism In The World Of Yukio Mishima
accompanied by a video of a childhood favourite Tom
—well, it was a holiday — unreeling in the
background, triggered a memory of the first time I was
really aroused by noise. It occurred during the following
Sawyer scene: a barge loaded with a cannon floats
downriver, intermittently firing salvos with a view to
raising the corpse of the hero, presumed drowned. The
blast, the recoil, the sonic boom rolling across the
surface of the water in this instance failed to bring up a
bloated body. But it did conjure for me the image of a
six-foot plus British blond, with a voice as deep and
resonant as that unfolding sonic boom. Inevitably, I
heard it first through the darkness of a late-night John
Peel show back in 1972, the voice naturally preceding
the name of its bearer. It was shrouded in a dense fog of
sound, consisting of depth charge bass and a knot of
indistinct, yet squealing lead noises, which slowly and
inexorably ricocheted across the song's watery base.
Maybe I should have gotten out more, but back then I'd
heard nothing like it, especially not the voice. Its very
English baritone defied the period predilection for mid-
Atlantic accents, just as the song cleared itself of rock's
usual drab, denim debt to 12 bar blues. I flipped on the
bedroom light and carefully noted the details of this, to
my fresh ears, unearthly performance. The singer? Kevin
Ayers. The track? "Song From The Bottom Of A Well".

As an arousing icon of transgression Kevin Ayers
hardly bears comparison with Mishima's night-soil man,
but you have to remember things were more innocent
then. (Or perhaps it was just
me — I can only imagine the
jolting pleasures of coming of
age to, say, a group like Coil.)
Naturally enough I sought to
repeat the experience and searched
out the song on the LP,
Whatevershebringswesing. The
anticipation was great but getting it
home was an immense disappointment.
Far from being an album spilling over with
dirty noises akin to "Bottom Of A Well", it
began with some orchestral idyll called "There
Is Loving", followed by a collection of dotty
ditties and a totally daft take on Velvet
Underground's "Sweet Jane", called "Stranger
In Blue Suede Shoes" (my George Washington
complex impels me to admit I made that last i
connection long after the fact). I mjght have shelved, it in
disgust, but economic factors dictated I couldn't afford
to play the thing just once. So the true pleasures of
Kevin Ayers's music surfaced slowly: his very Englishness
(probably preserved by a childhood largely spent in
some Far Eastern colony); his awry wit and lazy charm,
which manifested themselves in the countercultural
equivalent of a Noel Coward song; and a yen for
experiment that dated back to his experiences in
Canterbury during the early 60s, when he partnered
Australian gonzo Beat alchemist Daevid Allen in the first
version of Soft Machine.

Indeed, the two finest pieces on Soft Machine's debut
album are credited to Ayers. The first is a lengthy stiffriffed
workout on a track with a passing resemblance to
The Kinks' proto-Metal masterpiece "You Really Got
Me", called "We Did It Again". Legend has it that Ayers
wanted the group to hammer away at the single,
unvarying title phrase for as long as they could stand it,
with no changes or embellishments, but the others
buckled long before he did. The second is the great,
cod-philosophical wake-up call "Why Are We
Sleeping?", in which he dramatised the teachings of his
guru, Gurdjieff (in the 60s everyone needed a guru).

The fact that he quit Soft Machine after their first, by
all accounts gruelling US tour with Jimi Hendrix was the
first indication of Ayers's proto-slacker tendency to
escape to the Balearics at the first whiff of the kind of
serious hard work that prefigures commercial success.
He continued to escape there throughout what you
might charitably call a career of missed chances,
throughout which the dividends became frustratingly
more erratic as it progressed to his present invtsibftty Cr
you could read his laziness as his means of preserving
the fragile, but very precious qualities that set him apan
from his contemporaries. Though not without their
strong moments, Ayers's later albums became more
straitjacketed inside the usual rock expectations. But he
first three are all wonderful mixes of wistful, summery
(no, I can't believe I'm writing this either), vaguely
philosophical songs like Joy Of A Toy's "Lady Rachel",
harder edged locomotive pieces such as "Stop This
Train", and alternately hazy or Spike Jones-y
experiments. In addition, they are about as far rerrc. =:
from rock as you could then stretch while still being
somehow part of it. No real surprise, given that they are
performed by bizarre ensembles of noted fringe players
including his former partners in Soft Machine — most
persistently, Robert Wyatt — composer David Bedford
(also responsible for Ayers's off-the-wall arrangement
saxophonist Lol Coxhill, and... a very young Mike
Oldfield, whose double tracked bass and guitar parts ori
the title track of Whatevershebringswesing amount to
the loveliest two minutes in the entire Kopf collection.

Whereas by current standards "Song From The
Bottom Of A Well" now sounds positively creaky rather
than Big Noise creepy, the Whatevershebringswesing SB.
remains my single-most transgressive disc. Just watch
your friends recoil in horror when they discover they're
falling for an album with Mike Oldfield on it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Moving Sidewalks saga (with Hendrix & more)


The Moving Sidewalks was an American psychedelic blues rock band, most notable for giving future ZZ Top guitaristBilly Gibbons, his start in the music business. The band consisted of Gibbons on guitar, Don Summers on bass, Dan Mitchell on drums and Tom Moore on keyboards.
Gibbons founded the Texas psychedelic group in the mid-1960s and quickly drew a large following, especially among the Houston "teen scene". They recorded several singles and one full-length album, Flash. Their single "99th Floor" was well received and topped the charts at No. 1 in Houston for six weeks. The success of this record led the Sidewalks to sign with Wand Records which then released "Need Me", also a Top 10 Hit for the band. The group was asked to open for many rock tours, including Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.
After Tom Moore and Don Summers were drafted into the United States Army, Gibbons and Mitchell added Lanier Greig and formed the original ZZ Top. They recorded the first ZZ Top record, “Salt Lick”, which was released on London Records.

While attending Warner Brothers' art school in Hollywood, California, Gibbons engaged with his first bands including The Saints, Billy G & the Blueflames, and The Coachmen. By 1967, Gibbons returned to Houston and went forward forming an artfully designed band, conceptually inspired by friend and fellow musician, Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators. The "Moving Sidewalks" name was chosen and shortly thereafter 99th Floor. Around this time Gibbons had developed quite a camaraderie with the legendary Jimi Hendrix. As a guest on The Dick Cavett Show, Hendrix would later be quoted as saying that Gibbons was slated to be the next big thing as a guitarist. The Moving Sidewalks continued to appear along with the 13th Floor Elevators at the short-lived yet legendary Houston psychedelic venue, Love Street Light Circus at Allen's Landing. The Elevators set was cut short by Houston Police who arrested the band's lead singer Roky Erickson for marijuana possession.


The Moving Sidewalks only album ~ Flash (1968)
A Texas psych/garage monster !
Billy Gibbons ~ guitar, vocals & harmonica, Don Summers ~ bass, Dan Mitchell ~ drums and Tom Moore ~ keyboards.


The Moving Sidewalks pose for a portrait with Jimi Hendrix whom they had just opened for at the Municipal Auditorium on February 15, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. Jimi Hendrix gave the Pink Fender Stratocaster he’s holding to Billy Gibbons. Gibbons told Guitar World in 1985, ” He said the color pink was not conductive to burning, so he gave it to me and said, Play on brother…”

The Moving Sidewalks ~ 99th Floor (2:17 ~ 1967)
The Billy Gibbons penned single “99th Floor” was a hit and topped the charts at #1 in Houston for six weeks. With Gibbons doin’ two lead guitars, vocals, a killer scream, and harmonica solo at the end, it’s a certified psych classic.

The Moving Sidewalks ~ Pluto - Sept 31st (5:13 ~ 1968)
A Hendrix influenced rocker featuring Billy Gibbons doin’ some cool backwards guitar and a groovy scream too !!!

The Moving Sidewalks ~ Flashback (4:46 ~ 1968)

The Moving Sidewalks ~ Scoun Da Be (2:07 ~ 1968)