Sunday, January 9, 2011

Songs that George Jones wrote or co-wrote…

Here’s my list of songs that George Jones wrote or co-wrote…
After seeing the recent posts from classiccountry about the songwriting of George Jones…
I dug out my crate of old George Jones vinyl to investigate…
I own near 100 albums by the Possum…
Mostly original albums on the Starday, Mercury, United Artists, Musicor, and Epic labels…
Also a bunch of re-issues on all kinds of labels like Nashville, Wing, Pickwick, Allegiance, Liberty, RCA, Rounder, and Ace… 
Especially on the re-issues, songwriting credits are not always listed…
Plus there’s a bunch more George albums I don’t own, so I’m sure there are a few more songs to add this list…
So this is by no means anywhere near a complete list, just a darn good start…

Songs written by just George Jones:
I’m Ragged, But I’m Right
You Gotta Be My Baby
It’s Okay
Let Him Know 
Play It Cool
Rock It
Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy
Boat Of Life 
Still Hurtin’
My Sweet Imogene
How Come It
Don’t Do This To Me
Just One More
Gonna Come Get You
Uh, Uh No
Glad To Let Her Go
One Is A Lonely Number
You’re In My Heart
Maybe Little Baby
All I Want To Do
Giveaway Girl
Someone Sweet To Love
Long Time To Forget
Don’t Stop The Music
No Money In This Deal
Don’t Do This To Me
Slave Lover
Eskimo Pie
I’m With The Wrong One
Take The Devil Out Of Me
No Use To Cry
The Window Up Above
Life To Go
You Done Me Wrong
Forgive Me Now
What's Wrong With You
Wrong About You

Songs co-written with Darrell Edwards:
Why Baby Why
What Am I Worth 
Your Heart
Seasons Of My Heart
Root Beer
Battle Of Love
Accidently On Purpose
Everything Ain’t Right
Tender Years 
Who Shot Sam (also co-written with Ray Jackson)
That’s All It Took (also co-written with C. Grier)
Three’s A Crowd (also co-written with Herbie Treece)
Mr. Fool  (also co-written with Herbie Treece)
Out Of Control  (also co-written with Herbie Treece)

Songs co-written with Lester Blackwell:
I’m Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down
A New Baby For Christmas

Songs co-written with Burl Stephens:
Taggin’ Along
Cup Of Lonliness
The Good Old Bible

Song co-written with Eddie Noack:
Jesus Wants Me

Song co-written with Eddie Eddings:

Songs co-written with L. Henderson:
Settle Down
Your Heart

Song co-written with Jimmy Yancey:
Frozen Heart

Song co-written with M. Broadway:
Y’all Goodnight

Song co-written with B. Dudley:
Wandering Soul

Songs co-written with J.P. Richardson:
If I Don’t Love You (Grits Ain’t Groceries)
Rain, Rain (also co-written with Frankie Miller)

Song co-written with Lawton Williams:
Color Of The Blues

Songs co-written with Roger Miller:
Hearts In My Dreams
Gotta Talk To Your Heart
That’s The Way I Feel
Nothing Can Stop My Love
Tall, Tall Trees
Rain, Rain (also co-written with J.P. Richardson)

Songs co-written with George Ripley:
She’s Lonesome Again
She’s Mine

Song co-written with Hank Locklin:
You’re Back Again

Song co-written with Virginia Spurlock:
Flame In My Heart

Song co-written with Sid Kassel:
Vitamins L-O-V-E

Songs co-written with G. Riddle:
I’ll Never Let Go Of You
A Real Close Friend
Your Kind Of Loving Won’t Do
Lonesome Old Town 
Lonesome Life

Song co-written with Hal Rugg:

Song co-written with James O’Gwynn:
I Won’t Love You Anymore

Song co-written with Leon Payne:
Take Me

Song co-written with D. Overby:
Wrong Number

Songs co-written with Earl “Peanut” Montgomery:
Small Town Laboring Man
Til I Hear It From You
Four-O-Thirty Three
A Drunk Can’t Be A Man
Baby, There’s Nothing Like You
Hard Act To Follow
We’re Gonna Hold On
If You Loved A Liar (You’d Hug My Neck)
Ship Of Love (also co-written with Donny Young)
I Wanta Sing (also co-written with E. Rowell)
A Goodbye Joke (also co-written with C. Montgomery)

Songs co-written with “Country” Johnny Mathis: 
I Get Lonely In A Hurry
Ain’t It Funny What A Fool Will Do
A Good Old Fashioned Cry (also co-written with V. Franks)
Brown To Blue (also co-written with V. Franks)

Songs co-written with Tammy Wynette:
I Know
Never Grow Cold
I Made Leaving (Easy For You)
Our Private Life
Wean Me
Bring On The Clowns (also co-written with Billy Sherrill)

Song co-written with J. Peppers:
I Just Don’t Give A Damn

Song co- written with B. Emerson:

 I Don’t Want No Stranger Sleepin’ In My Bed 

Song co-written with Glenn Martin:

No Show Jones


  1. Good Work! I know about a few, but always wondered how many he actually wrote rather than interpreted. Extensive and useful. "Ragged but Right" and "Window up Above" would have been enough for any songwriter.
    Much appreciated.
    Jim Linderman
    Dull Tool Dim Bulb

    1. Has anyone ever heard of a co writer named
      Johnny K. Ewtah?

  2. Wasn't Roger Miller in on the writing of "Who Shot Sam", and few others?

  3. Roger Miller might have been in on it. He was in that same crowd at the time. The information listed above is what I got off of several labels of records I own: Darrell Edwards-Ray Jackson-George Jones. Anyone who has a recording of "Who Shot Sam?" with Roger listed as a co-writer, I'd sure like to hear about it.

  4. "I'm Ragged But I'm Right" is really George Jones' take on Riley Puckett's "Ragged But Right". It was a hit when the Possum was about 4 years old.

  5. cool site man, helping me learn more and more about the possum, the great George Jones, I am barely a country fan, I like all forms of music in one way or another and I make a point of discovering the best among genres. George Jones qualifies big time and I am going to enjoy digging through his stuff with the help of sites like yours, to get the real info, so I know what the hell I am listening to and not just listening like with most if not all of the music made these days.
    Cheers man

  6. Mr. Edwards,
    I was wondering if you knew any of the other guys who co-wrote Who Shot Sam? Ray Jackson was my father(died before I was born)Just trying to learn some family history.

  7. No, far as I know I am not related to the Darrell Edwards who co-wrote "Who Shot Sam?" with Ray Jackson...

  8. I was wondering if you knew who wrote the song with the words," somewhere between your heart and mine, there's a window that I can't see through..............."

  9. I believe that song is called "Somewhere between your heart and mine" and was written by Merle Haggard

  10. My sweet Imogene was written for my grandmother! He lived in Saratoga. She is from Jasper. They never married. She was Pentecost and he was starting to make it in the music industry. That's why he lost her his sweet Imogene!

  11. You left out the song :What my woman can't do" was co-written by George, Billy Sherrel and someone else. You can look it up and get the third name.

  12. George also wrote
    I've aged 20 years in 5 .

  13. I always felt "window up above" was more likely coined by Carter Stanley of Stanley brother fame while sharing a bottle with George. I never thought of George as much of a songwriter, though he sure could sing a country song. Wouldn'tit be something if he and Reba sang a duet they both could make the word "Church" into a five syllable word. Probably would have turned into some strange yodel fest.

  14. My dad loved George Jones.. they meet a few times.. me I met him once in Jones stood up to shack my hand..thank you for your research.. I'm collecting albums again. Thanks Allen jewell