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The Nervebreakers & the first Cowpunk songs


The Nervebreakers performing at The Longhorn Ballroom in January 1978 opening for The Sex Pistols.

Someone recently made me aware of a mention of The Nervebreakers & T. Tex Edwards as "precursors" of the cowpunk movement in the WIKIPEDIA posting concerning "Cowpunk." Can't say I agree with all they've said, but it's nice to get mentioned...


Tim Stegall says in this AUSTIN CHRONICLE article:

Raul's in Overdrive: "Have a Good Time, Get in Free, and Drink Some Beer"

1978, when San Antonio's the Next became Austin's Fourth Punk Band and Dallas' Nervebreakers beat locals in a battle of the bands for Chapter 6, Part 1 of the "Austin Punk Chronicles"

"...Preempting the rise of Jason & the Scorchers and Hickoids by eight years, the Nervebreakers were the first cowpunk band, before that designation devolved into a Los Angeles cartoon..."


The Nervebreakers started covering George Jones' "The Race Is On" back in 1979, and recorded it in 1980 for their first album WE WANT EVERYTHING. They wrote & were performing an original tune called "I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand" in 1979 (although the recording of the song is from much later). Both of which are supposedly the first cowpunk songs.

"The Race Is On" by The Nervebreakers from the WE WANT EVERYTHING album on YouTube:


"I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand" by The Nervebreakers from the FACE UP TO REALITY album on YouTube:


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