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Bill Mack, Wichita Fall


Bill Mack, Wichita Fall

BILL MACK - Ain't It A Shame b/w When The Sun Goes Down (Imperial 8167)

Bill Mack grew up way out in the east Texas Panhandle in the old Route '66 stop-spot of Shamrock. In the late 40s Bill was working at radio station KWFT over in Wichita Falls. When not spinning discs over the radio Bill was one of those tireless fellows who took part in various regional country caravans and worked hard promoting other artists as well as country music in general. Billboard reported the signing of Bill Mack to Imperial records in the summer of 1951 and over the next 4 years Mack would cut a whole mess of sides for label including the H-O-T "Sue Suzie Boogie" ('55) and "Play My Boogie" ('52). And while today Bill might be most revered in record collecting circles for the Imperial boogies and his rockabilly singles on Starday his true strength was the low down, broken hearted wail. Over and over Bill would cry out his broken heart.

Imperial 8167 was released in the late fall of 1952 and featured "Ain't It A Shame" and "When the Sun Goes Down". "When The Sun Goes Down" gets an almost gospel touch... had backup singers been brought in it might have crossed over into the realm of a hokey hymn. It does show the roots of what might be the greatest record Bill ever sang on, "Loneliest Fool In Town", which was recorded for Starday while Bill was working in Lubbock (stomped HERE). On "Ain't It A Shame" Mack really nails the feeling of dejection and loss... sad, sad, and broken hearted. Even the piano and steel cry.

Cut at Nesman studios in Wichita Falls?


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