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Dr. Alimantado-Born for a Purpose

Dr. Alimantado-Born for a Purpose

Doctor Alimantado was born James Winston Thompson in Kingston 1952. 
He grew up in the ghetto of the city's west side, an area notorious for its poverty and violence.
 In his early teens Winston became interested in the Rastafarian faith, grew locks and ran away from home

 but was soon re-captured by his parents who lost no time in trimming his dread.
 On leaving school and drifting between jobs he soon realized
 that music was a good escape from the dead end of life in Kingston. 
A Hit Bound release JA, Doctor Alimantado, (Alimantado meaning 'nourishment')
 recorded under many names before settling on the sobriquet Doctor Alimantado. 
He also created his own label Vital, with other imprints between 1973 and 1976 like:
Vital Food, Ital Food, Ital Sounds, New and August. 
Born for a Purpose  was written after a series of episodes
 that led the Doctor to reflect deeply on his, and others, existence:
 He tells of how he had nearly drowned while swimming one day in the ocean, 
and while walking back to his yard was nearly run down by a bus,
 the driver of which, he claims, was deliberately trying to run him over because of his dreadlocks.
 It was while recovering in hospital that the words of this song came to him, 
and recorded by Jo Jo Hookim at his Channel One studio
 for free as a way of helping out the unfortunate Dr. pay for his medical costs.
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